After two years, it finally happened: we had game night. Not us specifically, as the event was hosted by Liz Friemuth, our famed horn player and club member. There was some good domination in Cranium, and I proved that my spacial relation in drawing is as I thought it was – completely wrong. I learned two things: 1. Play-dough has an expiration date and 2. I am not as good at Taboo as I thought I was. Maybe Play-dough doesn’t really have a date as such, but there was definitely something questionable growing in the tubs with the game (this might not make sense if you haven’t played Craniun, but play-dough/clay is involved) and no self-respecting 4 year old would eat it, of that I’m sure. I thought since Ixi and I can communicate non-verbally, that we be amazing at Taboo. Not so much, as I need to work on using my words and perhaps realize that ‘The Man’ is probably not going to be a logical guess.

Miss Sassy was not attendence.