I don’t know about you, but coming off the holiday season, what with its parties, feasts and general overdoing, I feel bloated, figuratively and literally! I can’t say it wasn’t amazing fun, as most of the month of December was a blur of glitter, lights, sugary foods, second and third helpings, Whiskey-and-Cokes, late nights and good times. Not that I don’t want the good times to stop. Seeing friends, family, enjoying ourselves and the holiday is truly wonderful and special, I am blessed to have such a life. However it’s time now to get back to the basics: get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, sit still in silence and listen to the snow fall (oh wait…I can’t because it’s been 65 degrees out for most of 2007), hit the gym again (along with the thousands of others who stopped going in December and are now guilt exercising, or have a resolution to uphold for the next oh…3 weeks or so; seriously, we went to Golds today only to turn back when no parking spots were to be found, and if there’s no parking there probably will be no ellipticals either), perhaps ban sugar and starches for an extended time, choose tea over vodka, dig back into work, enjoy simplicity, breathe and give that will power a chance to show it exists. I’ll let the excitement rest for a bit, and when it does come back I’ll be ready (and awake enough) to really enjoy it.