Last night, after attending a most interesting lecture at CCM, we headed out to Aqua, our posh local watering hole, to celebrate Susana’s birthday. I enjoy the atmosphere of another faux-NYC sushi restaurant, although I could do with the awkward waitstaff that was told this should be a high society dining experience, when even in the finest places around town such an atmosphere does not exist. I’m all about the etiquette, believe you me, but someone needs to get these guys some of Emily Post’s writings.

Susana, an ever glowing, vibrant, and incredible woman, was her typical self – I’m glad we could toast the evening with her!

Let me add two words: Susana is a fierce woman! I love her energy, spirit, intellect and style. One of the coolest gals I know, she is devoted to her friends, gives the best advice, and really knows how to have fun, especially when you get her out on the dance floor! -ic