“Everyone should have manners, since they don’t cost a thing” is probably the most famous saying from my Nana (apart from some rather risque comments that probably shouldn’t be repeated to the general public) and of all the things she has said, I think this is the one that has stuck with me most. I expect that everyone should have them, as part of choosing to live in the same society that I do. That entails RSVPing to something if that is printed on an invite, not chewing with your mouth open, not interrupting while I’m in the middle of one of my stories, not driving like a tool – most of which are common sense to humans. If you are a man, and you want to spend some amount of time with me, BF or not, I expect more like opening doors (cars and other), offering me a jacket, and other gentlemanly things. I know that some people see this as a step back for the Woman’s Movement, or that I am clearly delusional to think that in today’s world man would behave differently, but I refuse to believe that. Why? Because I’m very stubborn, and I have proof – Jonathan Gunn, one of our favorite people, has arguably the best table manners I’ve experienced, and another new addition to our crew stunned me tonight with his impeccable gentlemanly behavior. Gold stars all around, mens.