Whilst out shopping for new products, another pastime we enjoy, we were approached by a man of sorts, asking if we had ever worked in marketing and modeling. First off, I didn’t know those two broad things were connected, but apparently in his mind, they are. Second, I should say what we looked like. Ixi, being from CA, has mastered the casual chic look of the west coast, while I remain… not. I thought it appropriate to wear Kelley green sweat pants with a mint green hoodie (if you don’t have a Patagonia, you should get one, it’s like wearing a hug – thanks boo).  In any event, we weren’t necessarily looking our best, and no sooner does he engage us that two of his cohorts descend on us.  He proceeds to explain more about this marketing/modeling phenom and he claims he and his friends were wandering the malls looking for people.  That’s not wandering – wandering implies walking about with no purpose, and they clearly had one.  I explained that what they were doing was in fact called ‘trolling’ the mall, and that is creepy.  At that point, we walked away.

Note – this is also bad etiquette.  It’s weird, not hot, and should be avoided.