clarinet2782.jpgEverywhere I go, I am surrounded by clarinetists. So much so that people think I am one. I’ve spent so much time around them that I can actually participate in the shop talk – like if I’m happy with my set-up, playing on V12s and my M16 (and I know what those letters stand for), although I’m still waiting to reach Buffet artist status and receive my complimentary leather jacket. I do get invited to all the clarinet events and parties, and even served as a guest judge for a studio competition of sorts, which admittedly are quite fun, and the CSO section has wiggled its way into my heart so that I’ll do pretty much anything for them, including slightly illegal photocopying. Sadly tonight I had to miss reed class, hosted by JGunn, because I had my own rehearsal, but I was seriously thinking about going late – and then I realized I don’t play clarinet at all.