The term ‘deadpan’ was first coined to describe my cat Cricket (aka The Fatty, Pee Monster) in regards to her stoic, sometimes lifeless demeanor. I always interpreted her look as more aloof, or apathetic, but that’s mostly because I didn’t want to admit that she sometimes appeared deadpan. It was forgivable because after all, she is a cat, which implies that it is less so if you are not. Today while out enjoying a lunch with the ladies (being of course the Bean and Kim Pham), our waitress was the most deadpan person we’ve ever encountered. In some ways, the deadpan-ness cries out to be taunted or teased so that some reaction is given, otherwise embarrassing nicknames is a very likely outcome. We still wanted our food to be edible, so there was no taunting, but I’m starting to consider the deadpan look as bad etiquette.