Today at Jo Beths I had to be physically restrained at the magazine rack. Good thing Wendy was with me, giving me the withering don’t-buy-that-magazine look. Despite that, it took every ounce of will not to pick up an assortment from my usual array (ranging from Domino, InStyle, Psychology Today, W, LensWork, Money, Conde Nast Traveller, the Strad, Women’s Health, Cooks Illustrated -more on my cookbook addiction later, iCreate, CMYK, and ok.. even US and People). I just have a zine addiction I cannot control! The allure of the shiny pages filled with exotic destinations, fun fancy and exorbitantly priced shoes, menus for the next big dinner party, things I can do with my savings (like not buying those shoes, or throwing those parties), and design ideas that feed my secret fantasy of being a graphic designer are just too much to bear. Not to mention what’s going on with Angelina and Brad! I tend to carry them out of the store an armload at a time. There is just something inexplicably exciting about walking into a store that coming home to find a mag in the mailbox doesn’t provide… Perhaps it’s a sense of unpredictability that I like, in the little things, like my reads. -ic