londonf6.jpgLike most single women, I have a dating phone-tree. I think some of it is perpetuated by the fact that my married and non-single friends live somewhat vicariously through me (or its probably because my stories are amusing) and that I like to gossip. My tree starts here in the ‘Nati, of course, with the DLP. And sometimes, she ends up on part of my date. It stems from there, reaching Philly, Madison, Cleveland, Sarasota, San Fransisco, Houston, Breckenridge – even Leipzig or whatever German city JP happens to be living in at the time. The phone-tree update consists of how the date went, how his manners were, what he looks like, his age, how we met, which are all important details. I think most women have one of sorts, and as Liz says, “women have phone-trees, men have locker rooms.” Well said.