In befriending Toyota employees, a predictable side affect is having to spend some time in Kentucky, where Toyota is located, and where many Toyotites live. Our first real exposure to this culture was on New Years (please see earlier entry), but I took my first social jaunt since then into the south tonight.

We gathered for a post-Meghan Birthday happy hour at The Pub, which could use some better outdoor lighting, by the way. The area, as DaveO described, is the Rookwood of Kentucky. Driving around, I’d say I agree, although it takes significantly longer to get there. Upon Meghan’s suggestion, I checked out to see if all the locals had there teeth, and I would say that yes, most did. While there is also another Pub exactly the same in Cincinnati, this one felt different. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere and the people that frequent it, or perhaps it’s one the other side of the bridge. Living in Philadelphia, you grow to hate what’s on the other side, as most know about me and my intense abhorrence for all things Jersey. I have a feeling, that I will come to appreciate some of what the Kentucky has to offer in the future. Maybe I’m not as judgemental as I once was… surely that can’t be it.