I like having free time.  I like pretending that I might read my New Yorkers, going shopping, making up recipes for gluten-free goodies, and watching Law & Order.  After a somewhat insane week at work, I was able to take Friday off, minus working the concert in the evening.  It was one of those rare days that Ixi had to go to Music Hall for a rehearsal and I could remain in bed.  I thought of all the possibilities of things I could do, like practice, catch up on the laundry that’s threatening to take over my closet, or better yet take my car in to get oil and get an estimate from the guy who backed into me in the parking lot at work.  I did none of this.  I always scoffed at people that said they hated not having anything to do, but here I was, paralyzed with my limitless possibilities.  Turns out, I need things to do because I can’t figure out what to do with my free time.  Good thing I wasn’t faced with this dilemma for long, as Ixi returned, I made eggs, and we headed out to Kenwood to do some fun Friday afternoon shopping – a perfect day.