ixisimon.jpgThings I love about visiting Ixi and Wendy: new lotions, photo tutorials, blog-0-ramas, Coffee Emporium scones, magazines everywhere, Simon snuggles, IKEA down comforters, AirBorne drunk with orange soda from wine glasses, fantastic new beauty products, borrowing clothes, Anthropologie, visits with Richie, PARTIES!!!!, noodles, curry, Tivo, Law & Order, Zoe visits, Wild Ginger, Sunday New York Times, Aveda Academy surprise appointments, new books to read, free reeds, trips down memory lane, fantasies about opening various shops with food and/or photos and/or milk tea and/or coffee, questioning why three fabuous girls have not been married three times each by now, boys and why they are so …like guys, and finally… BEING WITH THE MOST FABULOUS, INTERESTING, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, FUN GIRLS ON THE PLANET!!!!!!