This weekend’s Seafaring, Swashbuckling Pops program features a young Russian aerialist who swings up and above the orchestra attached to a sheet…. Right, what the connection to the Pirates of the Carribean or Navy Sea Chanters is I do not know and cannot explain. BUT. We in the orchestra, who have had the privelege of performing numerous times with him, have come to call this shirtless, tights-clad, flying wonder : “Sheet Boy”. This sobriquet is often accompanied by wide-eyed smirk, overstated enthusiasm, and/or any other affect that injects an expression of excitation. Personally, anyone who can grab a sheet, twist it around their arms and execute maneuvers demanding brute strength and agility 20 feet in the air, while swinging and timing moves to the music, gets my admiration. Anyone who’d actually want to do it or has a career in doing it really gets my admiration. Although I’m not sure the sheets are such a cash cow, as Sheet Boy has recently introduced a new prop, a prop which just might prompt us to find a new nickname for him. I think “Cube Boy!!” would serve well here. This I can’t even begin to describe, you’ll just have to come see for yourself.