Here’s to love – the unfathomable love for your child as a new parent, the excited love of a new relationship, the bittersweet memory of a great love, the unshakable love of a valentine for the past 10 years, the uplifting love of the people in your life that you see as your family, the assured love between newlyweds, and of course, the unrequited love.

And the love of a DLP.

Ixi: I just have to add to this special VD blog. I totally ate too much. First at Eric’s reception there was all this good food – read: crabcakes. So I had a nibble or three. Then we went to JAlexanders where I pigged out on the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. They’re made in individual ramekins and baked so the cheese is melty and gooey, but the tops are crispy crunchy. The other thing we ordered was the special dessert – a caramel ice cream cake. The only thing that was missing was Wendy šŸ˜¦ who was home sick with a bad cold courtesy of moi. Sorry boo.

The thing about Valentines when you don’t have a mate to romance over is that you can spend it with a bunch of close friends. You realize then that Valentine’s doesn’t just happen on Feb 14 if you’ve got what Wendy says above- all kinds of love. I feel lucky to have that in abundance.