Some days I wonder what happened to my luck, why I bother getting out of bed, or what better things my guardian angel is doing. (Ever see that commercial where the person is making poor life decisions because the G.A. is drinking a beer?) In any event, this was a typical morning for my car, in that it was having some sort of crisis, meaning by brakes weren’t working. I thought it was only due to the icy street, but when I finally made it to a main road, I could tell something was wrong. My car has had a rough go of it since moving to OH, and I was worried that I was soon to be reliving my un-fun Dayton airport experience. I happened to pull over in front of the Jiffy Lube, and the kind souls who work there came out and worked miracles on my car. Apparently your brakes can freeze, which is my new fact of the day. In my moment of ‘this day is going to suck, what am I going to do?’ where I cursed my luck, I realized I was incredibly lucky that these people came to my rescue, and that people usually do appear when you need them the most. Maybe not the guys at Jiffy Lube specifically, but I think you get my point.

By the way, if anyone wants to get me a new car, I’d be OK with that.