Well my trip to The Nasti had an interesting start to it. As I turned onto Priscilla Lane after driving over 1200 miles I was very happy to finally be getting out of the car and of course to be seeing Wendy. Suddenly I heard that wonderful sound your tires make when they start to spin on the ice. After driving all the way from the Colorado Rockies including through a blizzard at 13,000 feet on an incredibly steep incline I get stuck on a tiny hill in Cincinnati! I suppose this was payback for referring to the place as Cincinnasti for so long. After my attempts at backing down the hill and trying again failed I was hoping Wendy would have better luck since she has to do it everyday. I was wrong. Wendy succeeded in backing my car into a snow bank. While she ran back to the house to get something to dig my car out I tried to get the car out of the snow bank. Somehow I managed to just make it worse. Wendy returned with some sort of gardening utensil… a hoe perhaps? After realizing digging the car out with a hoe was not a good plan I remembered that Wendy and cats. I was shocked that I had not remembered this earlier because it would have saved us a lot of time. I asked her if she could get some kitty litter. I think she thought I was crazy, but went and got some anyway. While she was doing that her very cute neighbor came out to offer his assistance. I was a little concerned about him trying to push the car since we were on a hill, but luckily Wendy returned with the kitty litter. We poured the kitty litter around the tire that was spinning and the cute neighbor pushed the car while Wendy started to accelerate and it began to move. I personally attribute this to the kitty litter and not to the cute neighbor. But I do think Wendy should go and thank the cute neighbor for his assistance and introduce herself. Kitty Litter is amazing stuff. As soon as I arrived in DC I bought a box and put it in my trunk. It also provides some weight which can be helpful. It snowed some more that night and the next morning Brent (BK) thought it would be a good idea for me to attempt to ski down Priscilla Lane. Unfortunately the plow came before I had a chance. I do believe that Brent is right and I will hate skiing out East if this is what snow is like. I miss the dry powder that doesn’t freeze and the mountains that come with it.

I will admit that I found Cincinnati quite charming and not nasti at all, so I will now refrain from calling it Cincinnasti. At least Wendy’s area and the places we went were quite nice. I was not overly impressed with downtown though. It was a bit barren. It was a fun weekend and I finally got to meet Ixi and Zoe and experience the Coffee Emporium. I also got to go hear the CSO with the BVW… fun times. So overall my two days in Cincinnati were quite fun and I actually want to go back… whoever would of thought. So thanks Wendy for showing me the nasti-free Nati!

Wj says: I’m glad I have improved the general thought of Cincinnati, but let’s be honest, we’re the fun ones in town. I feel though I should correct a few things in Karen’s wonderful post – I did in fact get her car more stuck, though I’ve never gotten my car stuck. There was some kind of gardening utensil, of what exactly I do not know. My plan was to break up the ice that surrounded the back tire as it was encased in it. And please, I have heard of the kitty litter trick, but was feeling a bit lazy and didn’t want to walk up to the house again without Karen. I was glad that the neighbor came out and helped, although I can’t say for certain what actually got the car out, and I’m glad I didn’t run him over. Speaking of, maybe I really should bake him some cookies…