After my interview with P&G, I was whistlin’ Wendixi. “Why?” you ask. It’s because I needed a place to crash, and I really like musical lesbians. Since arriving, I have been well taken care of. Wendixi has much to offer… 2 cats, a wireless network, a cheese plate in the fridge, comfortable couch (burgundy), stimulating conversations revolving around music, and plenty of Law & Order episodes on TiVo. What more could a wayward traveler want? Simply put, best ever!!!

A note – David hails from the ‘Boo, described to me as someplace far off in the middle of Wisconsin. He met Whitney in college, and the rest they say is history. David, like a lot of my friends, is freakishly tall, fairly dark, and well, handsome, with manners to boot. We’re hoping that this engineer will accept a job at P&G and come join us for some fun, midwest style, and ladies, he’s single…

I should also mention that Ixi and I, though musical, are not actual lesbians. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)