As I’ve gotten older, some of my tastes are a bit more refined. I believe in ‘cocktail hour’ and the vodka martini. Always my favorite kind of martini, I’ve strayed from the ever-popular flavored martinis, such as the appletini. Some claim, and I concur, that the appletini shouldn’t even be considered a martini, and you should be forced to drink it out of a giant apple-shaped glass that says, “I can’t handle a real drink” with a straw. If you’re a girl, this is acceptable, but otherwise this is prime mancard revoking behavior. I digress. PBR is a thing of the past for me, and my favorite vodka would have to be Ciroc (42below wins for best ads)- but I’ll still drink a pitcher of Lager without hesitation. Stigma, stereotype, survival or truth – call it what you will, but as musicians enjoying the adult drink is almost a given. Belvedere, my other favorite, has introduced a new pear vodka, so this Sunday, post Pops Concert, we will be enjoying some new recipes with Randy tending bar. I can only imagine how that will turn out.