trefoils.jpgToday I received my Girl Scout cookie order, and promptly ate a large portion of them for dinner – very adult, I know. I heard a great commentary by Marc Acito today on NPR, but sadly I couldn’t find a copy of it online to share. I did find one by Andy Rooney for 60 Minutes, which I found quite interesting. Initially I was going to post his article, but I didn’t want to be held responsible for ruining one’s faith in those tempting treats like I did when my brother Tim told me Santa wasn’t real. (Actually Tim was the one who ruined it, and it wasn’t about cookies, just in Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and the ideal that my parents would never lie to me so I guess it’s nothing like that at all). In any event, read his article Deconstructing the Girl Scout Cookie if you think you can handle it.

 Update:  Marc Acito himself commented below with this link to his commentary, Finding Binge Absolution in a Do-Si-Do.