Originally I was going to write about the secrets (other than photoshop) that we use to create the beautiful, well-groomed, and radiant women that are pictured here. Then I realized that was a horrible idea – the whole point is to look effortless and flawless even if it takes an infantry of reality makeover superstars to appear as such. Even so, I thought it couldn’t hurt to list a few products for the ladies, and perhaps the mens can at least appreciate the effort.

What we like: sumotech by bumble & bumble, calendula moisturiser by ren, high resolution eye cream (with spf 15) by lancome, hand creme by l’occitane, cleansers by murad & kose, face masks by kiehls, and assortment of makeup by benefit, shu uemura, smashbox, aveda, shiseido, tarte, nars, etc.

Yes, we love our products!