05962bg.gifAuditions are not fun. Not fun for anyone. However flawed the system might be, it is a necessary part of our lives in this industry. We had the final rounds of auditions today for the associate principal clarinet position. Among the many who are talented and deserving of winning the job, only one can be chosen. After narrowing the field down to a handful, todays finalists were put to the test playing the most difficult pieces in orchestral repertory. The jury scrutinizes every detail and votes a winner. It’s similar to many of the reality tv shows you see where people get voted off one by one, except this all happens in the span of two days. It was once described to me like this, likening auditions to freethrow shooting in the game of basketball: You can be the best freethrow shooter in the world but not necessarily be a good team player. As ours is a blind audition to prevent bias of any sort, the end result I believe is a fair one. And so, we congratulate Jeanette Jonquil of the Vancouver Symphony for an audition well played!