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Continuing on the idea of lameness v. goodness, it is not secret that one could say I’m a fan of L&O (Law & Order). Which one you ask? Why of course all of them. When I lived with Susie on N22nd, no one was allowed to speak whilst I watched. I warned any visitors that I would become something of a banshee should there be any kind of distraction during my viewing. Jason, her manfriend at the time, never quite got it and wanted to know why I was so mean. Sorry my lil’ J, but I warned you.

I have seen just about every episode from all series – I’m sure there a few from when I was 12 that haven’t been replayed. I can tell you what famous actors were in which episode, who they killed, and why. I know which regulars have been recycled – honestly it bothers me – like I’m not going to remember. It’s never a good week when there aren’t new episodes, but such is life.

I suppose the prudent thing, like any Trekkie fan or LOTR nut, would be to hide it, or at least wait until the second date to reveal something that may make me appear… slightly less than normal. I figure when you see me drinking out of my L&O mug (thanks mom) you’ll put it together.

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