Recently, with the Ohio Lottery at astromonical proportions, we’ve been discussing what one would buy if one won. A conductor friend came up with a great plan of how to save orchestras and classical music by funding education etc. While I respect his noble effort, I have other plans if I won.

First I would take my niece Rachel to Disney World. Thought she is only 6 months old (and the world’s cutest baby), I don’t think you are ever too young to go to the happiest place on earth. After that there would probably be some traveling, maybe taking a tour of my favorite publishing house in Europe… just think of those Baerenreiter urtext, Universal Critical Editions – I’m getting excited thinking about it. We’d be traveling in style of course, each with our own bmw minicoopers in IxiOrange and WendyGreen, with matching Vespas. We’d tool around Italy… I can almost hear the gondoliers singing to us…

Oh, and I’d probably buy a lot of shoes too.