Perfect dates are rare. It’s rare that your date shows up on time, walks up to your door, and compliments you on how amazing you look. Then your date takes you to a great dinner at a romantic Italian restaurant, so off the radar that you don’t even know it’s there from the outside, and being considerate enough to park close to the restaurant so that it’s not too painful to walk there in my heels.

Next stop was the Ballet, featuring Cincinnati’s finest in a potpourri of vignettes. I saw one of the most moving, intense dramatic works set to Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony, based off of his String Quartet Nr. 8.

The synopsis: Melding lyricism with harshness, Val Caniparoli’s choreography portrays the tragedy of two lovers, a Bosnian and a Serb. In real life, the two were shot down on a bridge as they attempted to flee from sectarian conflict across a bridge in war-torn Sarajevo . Bosko Brckic was shot first, and as Admira Ismic ran to him, she was also shot. With enormous determination she crawled to his body and cradled into his lifeless arms, where she died. In a brilliant theatrical device, Caniparoli employs five pairs of dancers to fully explore the horror of the event and its powerful emotional resonance.

If you have the chance to see this work, I highly recommend it. The evening was completed with drinks at a reception by the CAC. My evening was fun, relaxed, wonderful, all around perfect, and it was with one of my favorite peoples – Miss Meghan.