You are looking at the record so far for how many people fit in a self-portrait! (at Patrick’s party)

Every year since college, St. Patrick’s Day has been a big deal. I’m sure it has to do with it being a holiday where drinking in excess is expected and you are considered lame if you don’t. And though it has always been a big deal to me, it’s been a much bigger deal to a friend of mine from my 7J days at good ol’ Temple U. And that would be Rosemary.

Rosemary claims a lot of things. She grew up mostly in Philly, graduated from CAPA, although she still talks of ‘trays of pizzas’ and being from Scranton (which I’m not sure why you’d want to do that exactly). I also know that she spent time in the land of Perkasie, a suburb of Philly more rural than the one I grew up in. Obviously, there is some confusion. Another thing Rosemary claims is that she is Irish. Now honestly, it could be true. I won’t make outlandish claims like the moderatilist that she isn’t, but I am suspect. So each year, we like to remind her that we are all more Irish than her. And this St. Patty’s Day, green-clad and beer-drinkin’ I surely was, and I hope you were too.