images-3.jpegAs I was placing my happy yellow coffee mug on my shelf as I do every night before I leave work, I noticed the inmistakable signs of another presence in the library. It has been said, and even published in a book, that Music Hall is haunted. And while I described to friends this presence as being a fourth librarian, I knew that it wasn’t a friendly but possibly helpful ghost – I knew what it was. A mouse. I don’t really mind them, maybe because of a touching story about nicknames my grandparents had for each other, or that they have fur which definitely makes them more likable than insects and reptiles. While my colleagues were feeling perhaps a different emotion about our guest, I decided to name him Hobart after the first librarian of the CSO. I don’t think Hobart will be around much longer, which is a shame because we could use some excitment these days – although not if he’s anything like the subway rats I’ve seen in NYC.