Theory: If you topped any food with either hot fudge or melted cheese (I selected Gruyere for its wonderful fondue melting properties) the food item will only be enhanced. If you slapped a slice of Swiss on an egg sandwich, or a chunk of Havarti on a party tray, it makes it that much better. Hot fudge goes well on most things, even the salty. There is the variety of chips and all things crunchy, as well as the healthy side of fruits and veggies. True, most vegetables don’t sound too appealing accompanied with cheese, but the melted cheese on a veggie grinder totally makes the meal, otherwise all one is left with is some soggy lettuce and tomatoes. Admittedly the thought of cheese and/or fudge on seafood is one of the most repulsive images, but since I don’t eat meat to begin with I’m not counting it. Alert the FDA, these should be a separate block on the food pyramid.