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Tim (also known as the awesome fantastic brother) alluded to addictions to red bull in the previous post, and I felt this warranted further discussion.

My love affair with Red Bull started my first summer here in Cincinnati. I was working for the Opera in the summer, and the long hours and late rehearsals in which I needed to be awake. I hadn’t really developed my penchant for coffee just yet, and ‘energy drinks’ were flooding the market. I don’t know what attracted me to the bull – maybe the simplicity of the can, or that the can is shiny – either way I was hooked from the first sip. I would make a morning cocktail of bull with pomengranate juice, because a girl needs her taurine with antioxidants. I’m not sure what taurine is or what it does to your body – but it kept me focus and awake for all those last minute changes and banda inserts. After about 6 months or so of this, my addiction and agitation if I went without caused concern for coworkers and friends, and I gave it up.

Until the next summer.

Again faced with difficult summer season, no bean and late nights with the opera crowd, I turned to my constant friend in a can. Since people were under the guise that I was ‘healthy’ I had to hide my secret shame (ie I was forced to drink it in my car on the way to work). When I had amassed so many cans in the back seat I could no long find my concert shoes, I took a long look at my habit. With the help if coffee buckets, I have successfully kicked it.

Until the next summer.

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