images-2.jpegI need to just cut my losses and admit defeat. I’m coming clean with being idiomatically challenged: somehow I manage to put a foot in it at least once or twice a week… Conversing with me is touch and go, and when I try to incorporate meanings like “I’m strapped for cash” to say that I have loads of it, people will usually laugh and give me an empathetic smile before politely correcting my mistake. ‘Cept Wendy, who gets a good kick out of it. Hey it’s not my fault that by and large I’m way off base and often mangle it up, I wasn’t born here.

I don’t mean to burst your illusionary balloon bubble about me, but yes it’s true, I’m not perfect. Perhaps a leopard can’t change her spots. So the next time we get together to chew the fat, remember to be kind.