the old:
“sss sss sss ss ssss”

“hee hee heee hee”

the wicked: the very throaty and crackly “oh you fell down, ehh hegh hegh hrgh hrgh”

the demented: “ha huuuuuuuh ha huuuuuuuuh ha huuuuuuh” (Laura, one in a million who’d actually recognize this one)

the evil: similar to but not the same as, the wicked “khuh kuh kheee khee kheee”

the on-the-job: high pitched muffled, back of throat “hmm mm mm mm mm mmmm”

the swedish: “puh”

the belly: “whaaa haa ahaaa haa”

the hilariously funny, in a mocking way: “haa haa haa (snort) ha ha haa ha haha”