Cocktail!Cocktail!I have to admit…I am up late, watching “Cocktail”, Tom Cruise’s hit of the 80’s, complete with star of “Adventures in Babysitting” as the love interest. I would name her, only, I can’t possibly remember! (Its nice… watching late-night movies with a nice buzz from a few very strong gin and tonics from the local over-priced lounge.)

You may be wondering “hey, this isn’t Ixi. And this isn’t Wendy. Who is writing this?” Well, this is the Florida friend, Laura, Ixi’s bff, who wrote earlier in the year about being way too cold in Cincinnati, and who is now writing about how damned hot it is in Florida and when is the earliest date possible for her to migrate north??? Luckily, the day is coming soon when I will be taking up residence in Ixi’s basement and I wanted people to start know’in me now, because I may have things to say over the summer. I always have things to say.

Back to “Cocktail”. I am at the point in the movie when he ditches the rich suger-momma and goes to the diner to find his real love…someone who accepts him as he is, the girl from “Adventures in Babysitting”…ooohhh, she just dumped mustard on him…rough time of it.

So, expect more less-than-informative entries from Florida girl.