I received a rather unpleasant email earlier today in which someone however unintentional (I think I’m being generous with my benefits of doubts again), wrote something that was clearly hurtful. My reaction, after deciding it would not be a good idea to throw Ixi’s laptop across the room was to lace up my shoes and head out the door and work it out on a run. I haven’t done that in ages, but it was the only thing on my mind.

Whilst running, many things went through my head, but in the end, I wanted to thank this person for what they wrote. See, I had the best run I’ve had in about 5 years. So thank you, for getting me out the door, for getting me to run farther than I have in years. And in 3 months, when I run into this person again, I’ll be better. I’ll be faster, I’ll be a better runner, and only that much more motivated to continue as I have – and they’ll be the same meddling, petty person they always have been. So as I sprinted home, I smiled knowing this, because karma always does have a way of working itself out, and I had a bevy of my favorite people waiting for me to take me out to dinner.