I have, sensibly I think, refrained from talking about the dating exploits of a 20 (ahem) something-year-old out of the understanding that our generation has become inundated with movies about women that have been bridesmaids 27 times, books about quirky socialites that can’t date, or blogs about socially inept men and the women who love them. But after an encounter last night, I have to speak on it.

Whilst at a farewell dinner for a friend moving to Japan, I spoke to a guy who appeared by all accounts to be normal. Slightly shy, perhaps, but really seemed genuine and pleasant. The more we talked, I realized I was talking to the I’m-still-really-into-college guy. You’ve met ’em before – really active in the alumni association, perhaps an officer of some sort, still follows all the sports and may or may not have season tickets, starts off with most sentences with “When I was in college…” or “This reminds me of the time in college…” – and I’m pretty sure that their moms still do their laundry when they are at home. The empirical data seems to suggest this is very common of those from the mid-West and South. Now maybe with my shiny music school degree and friends that saw more of the inside of a quasi-soundproof room over anything else on campus – maybe I missed out. And I noticed, sitting there at dinner, that most of the men there were this exact type of guy, also realizing that I do in fact live in the mid-West. And there really isn’t anything wrong with still being really into college – I mean, I’m sure they know about current events and upcoming elections, are productive members of society and will probably someday outgrow this – except they’re not in college anymore.