Those who know me even moderately well know that I am highly superstitious about New Years. (See the first blog post ever). This year, due to somewhat unforeseen work issues I had to be in Cincinnati, whilst Whitney B was back on the East Coast. We both had a good time in our respective cities – but this was the first NYE in about 10 years that we did not celebrate together, and will now live in infamy as such. Previous New Years Celebrations include Chicago, Philadelphia, Cairo, Boston, Cincinnati, Madison, among others. Plans for next year are still up in the air, although it’s been decided it’s time for another international tour. Sweden or Finland, anyone?

We did however have a lovely time at a wedding in Chicago, trying to make up for lost time. An unfortunate side affect of being the only single unmarried people there, we were prime for the bouquet/garter belt toss. That aside, I had a great time dancing with someone who actually knew how to, and spending time with perhaps the only other person who shares my extreme love and hate; love of cheese and hate of Jersey, which to me is priceless.