I do so love my gmail, yes I do. Probably because I no longer get close to 100 bits of spam, but it’s also all the little stuff. I love the gchat, where I can harass my brother at work, get the details of the haps in the ‘ville, but most importantly, catch up on life with the JP in Germany. Jennifer Porto continues to impress audiences and academia in Leipzig and Berlin, care of the Fulbrights. Sadly for me, with the time change, pace of life, and banning all chat programs at work I miss this staple in my life. Then came gchat.

Last night in the midst of an insomnia fit in which I was watching a show about some genetic syndrome on Discovery Health that I’ve now convinced myself I have, my little pop-up window from JP appeared. Even though she contacted me, a message appeared: Jennifer is busy. You may be interrupting her.

At first, I found it amusing that gmail cared that much about my relationship that they would warn me. Then I thought, hey, she sent me the message! Maybe I’m busy! Maybe she’s interrupting me! I should at the very least be asleep, if nothing else. How dare gmail try to police my chats! They don’t know me. After I moved past my initial irrational thought process, I warmed to idea that gmail is teaching manners, and reminded people that interrupting is rude. Where else would someone say it? I can definitely get on board with that.