Continuing on the 7 Steps to Succeed with Women…

V. Don’t smell like a boy.

I feel like again I am stating the obvious but this one has shockingly been an issue, something that I thought I’d never have to even consider once I turned 17. I was wrong. The smell of boy is quite unmistakable – I always think it is the smell that accompanies my dad’s old army bag every time he comes back from camping or the smell of the boy scout cabin of the troop of which my brother belonged. Either way, lets be honest, it comes from ignoring hygiene and it is not hot. I’m sure it comes from thinking that it isn’t always necessary to shower after working out, or thinking that maybe that shirt on the floor is really clean, or perhaps that no one will notice.

For myself and I’m pretty confidant that I can speak for Ixi as well, it is important that the woman be in the pretty one in the relationship. That being said, I would hope that my time and effort in getting all of me looking good would be appreciated – from the products to flat irons to finding the perfect pair of heels. All we ask is that some slight amount of thought is reciprocated, and at the very least, shower.