Disclaimer:  Anna Netrebko has become an undisputed force in opera.  I was doing a bit of research of Dvorak’s Rusalka, and I stumbled across this video of her singing the famed Song to the Moon Aria.  This is a one of the most celebrated ‘moon’ arias (yes, there is more than one) in Czech and really any operatic genre.

mtv does opera, I think.

Her singing is fantastic, if I were a contestant on Project Runway I’d probably say fierce even.  But I’m not quite sure what to make of this video.  I think it’s aiming for mainstream themes, but I think I kept waiting for Twista to show up with some ladies in short shorts and drop a sick beat.  I suppose that in some ways there is a correlation between the opera and what happens in the video, but there is something just a bit off with it.  I’m all for reinventing, but, well, see what you think.