Back by popular demand. I know everyone is waiting to see what the next one will be…

v. Act modern and still traditional at the same time.

So this one I stole for the original 7 steps, and with good reason, I quite like it. It is a bit vague, I know, but it really does make a lot of sense. I interpret this as the difference between chivalry and chauvinism. This might mean that I might not take your last name if we were to marry and there probably isn’t going to be any dowry involved (although I wouldn’t be too surprised if my mom threw in a toaster oven just as a bonus). I will bake, iron shirts, expect you to walk on the outside of me, and move heavy things – and this isn’t just because it’s the nice thing to do, it is how each person is built. If I wasn’t 5’3 with little girl-like hands and was a mechanic by trade, I’d reconsider my stance. Let’s use a little common sense and lesson in respecting people’s strengths.

Also, having a baby isn’t entirely negotiable. If I have to carry it inside of me, ultimately I have the final say.