A few years ago, when she I heard a song by Kristin Chenoweth when she performed with the Cincinnati Pops. There really is something to the relationship with caffeine addicted 20/30 somethings and their Baristas.

Today, I had to say goodbye to my Taylor. I initially started going to the CE after a year moving to the Nati, mostly because it was close to where I lived. As luck would have it, the downtown location was within walking distance from the hall. During those long summer nights of opera season post-redbull crush, I became a regular at the CE. I would be lying if I said it didn’t have anything to do with a particularly cute barista with exceptionally green eyes and a slightly odd accent, perhaps New England and Irish. Yes, odd. Of course the draw for me, besides the obvious, is that they do brew the best coffee in Cincinnati (fairtrade of course), and serve a mean breakfast burrito, cheese and eggy goodness. With iced Americanos in the hot summer months, the CE took care of me – the craziness of work, a few relationships that had gone quite awry, to name a few (yes, it was the very place where someone told me that their body was telling them ‘no’ – I’m still working that one out). Despite whatever drama I was causing, I could always count on the CE and that smile. Sadly I had to say goodbye to my friendly face as he is on his way to Boston to do the Med School thing. I’ll miss him sure, but please – I’ll probably visit the CE every Sunday and you know I’m not giving up my coffee any time soon.