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The Conclusion.

To a fault, I like keeping options and reserves – I hate feeling like I’ve used all of something, like erasers or favors, and am left with nothing. But I think I should finish this.

VII. Flowers will fix just about anything.

Very 1950s, I’m aware. But any woman who gets flowers, even if she is allergic, can’t help but be swayed. I don’t know if it’s the smell, color, or appreciating that they are beautiful, frivolous and exist mostly to make you smile. I’m partial to peonies and renunculas, but really, anything would do. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve received flowers – actually it was just once so it’s pretty easy – and I think that’s a bit sad. Must be a big learning curve with age.

*I would count someone lucky if they knew 7 steps or things that were the way to their heart or what made them happy. I think my resistance to picking step 7 is that I don’t really know, I just hope I know it when I see it, and do what I can to keep it.

**I reserve the right to change any of the 7 steps.

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