It seems to me that the grocery store is the last institution that willingly accepts checks. I can’t ever recall a time that I opted to pay anything by check with the invention of the debit card. Credit issues and identity theft aside, I really don’t know why you wouldn’t chose to use it.

In some last minute Superbowl party shopping, a man in front us purchased a few items and paid by check. My first problem is that he was in the 10 items or less aisle. He had more than 10, and he was paying by check, which completely wasted about 5 extra minutes of him writing it out, signing it, and balancing his checkbook in line. Secondly, he was a man. I say this because it’s not like he’s carrying around a giant purse that he can easily fit his checkbook into – dude keeps it in his back pocket. I rarely carry mine for that very reason, it takes up valuable real estate in my bag.

The 10 items or less aisle is designed to be considerate of those buying a few items. The point is to be considerate of the time of others, and balancing a checkbook isn’t the way. I also have to question why someone with a valid bank account wouldn’t use a debit card since they function the same way – typically the debit card is granted with a valid checking account, and stores usually don’t accept checks from new bank accounts.

If stores are still going to accept checks, of which I’m not completely in favor, I think at the very least appropriate signage is necessary – either ’10 items or less and no checks’, or a simple, ‘please be considerate of people around you. It is rude to balance your checkbook when there are 4 other people in line.’