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If you take a poll of 12 year olds and ask what super power they would want, I’m sure along with the ability to fly, travel back in time, many would say to be invisible. Some how, in life, I’ve managed to get this gift. I can’t count how many times I’ve been sitting quietly or photocopying, all librarianesque, and musicians come in and decide to talk about very personal issues or have a mental breakdown in my workspace. Besides the fact that they are probably messing with the chi in the room, it’s almost as if I’m not even there, or that I’m deaf.

The above doesn’t bother me nearly as much as when I’m transporting a huge stack of music, either folders from the stage or parts from the treacherous pit – and no matter how laden I am, there is always someone standing in the way. It’s amazing, really, especially after clearing the stage after a performance, the hall with people milling about – even when they see me coming, they still don’t move until I’ve almost knocked them over and say as firmly as a librarian can, “excuse me!”  I’ve come to think my concert dress makes me invisible to the outside world.

A friend of mine was trying to woo a fellow music librarian, so he of course turned to me for advice. The one thing that I told him would melt my heart, is any man that offered to carry the music for me. I’ve always been astonished by the onlookers and stage hands that watch me teeter up the the stairs of the pit in heels without the obligatory can I give you a hand with that. I don’t know if I’d necessarily always accept the offer since I do take my job very seriously and am more stubborn than just about anyone, but next time you see me coming towards you with a stack of music so big you can’t see my face, either offer to help or kindly move.

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