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When I heard we no longer had to play All About Style today, I thought I’d use the extra time to get back to contributing to this here blog, maybe writing about the snow/ice, or perhaps the amazing Brahms quartet I heard last night, or the Lenten inspired abstinence from sugar and sweets I’m undertaking for the next several weeks (cue laughter).  Then I realized that I do not possess the skill and subtlety, the mixture of just the right amount of sarcasm and color with words that can recount say a bruise or a theramin with amazing clarity and humor, that Wendy has in spades. (Not bruises and thermins, but amazing clarity and humor, that is.) Waxing hilarious second nature for her. And I love it! Nothing like being able to see and experience life with a great sense of humor, we all could use more of that at times.

So this blog is about the amazing Wendy and her making us laugh , and the peace of mind that I have from knowing that whatever sad, happy, sweet, sour or or embarrassing times will be met with the elegance of her words, and the laughter that is the best medicine of all.

It is also about my solemn promise to keep up with illustrations of a photographic nature (though maybe not of bruises).

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