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Almost a year ago, a storm very similar to this one descended upon the denizens of Cincinnati, with much of the same effect – a two hour car ride home, which is usually 15-20 minutes, for me, ill preparedness, and drivers freaking out and doing dumb things. I did have my own little freakout myself today, but it was warranted – I drank about 60 ounces of coffee prior to my departure and my oil light decided that this would be the opportune time to tell me I didn’t have any.

My car is one of two expensive things that I own outright – the second of course being my viola which sadly doesn’t see the light of day too often. The lil’ neon has gotten me all over the place, mostly safe, several trips to Colorado and the Rocky Mtns, down Kelly Drive and the unsavory parts of Philly, Chicago for MOLA, Pittsburgh for IKEA, Cleveland for Nana, but a few. For as much shit as I give my car, it has delivered me consistently – barring the incident at the Dayton airport two years ago, quite possible the biggest hassle ever.

So while I mock my own car regularly, I was quite happy that it made it home. Sure, there were plenty of SUV van hummer monstrosities passing me, and of course part of the time I had no control of what direction I was heading, but I passed those sporty high-performance vehicles with ease and accepted that I would not make it up to Priscillaneous other than walking. So thank you Neon, I think you’ve earned yourself some new breaks. At least an oil change.

Update – I’ve discovered my trunk no longer opens. Who can say how long that’s been a problem…

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