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The first time I ever experienced bubble or boba tea was on a meandering trip through Chinatown in Philly post lesson with Mr. Curtiss. He lived a few blocks away, in Old City, and when I didn’t pace my train schedule properly I would kill time walking around, pretending I knew something about Asian cuisine and foods. I did know that the ducks hanging in the windows disturbed me.

I never really appreciated having the accessibility to such a tasty drink until I had moved away. Any chance I got I felt like I needed to gorge myself with tapioca pearls (which for record, if you try to ingest too many at a time through the straw they can shoot into your throat and get lodged there… or so I’m told). I remember a perfect and very hot afternoon in Houston enjoying said Taiwanese drink with my dear Adria, prior to heading off to a wedding – and at the mall with my mom at a recent trip home over the holidays – which incidentally Ixi was drinking a boba out in Cali at that very same moment.

On our tour of drinking houses this morning, after the privilege of choosing what coffee the CE would brew for my bucket, we stopped by a tea house not too far from home called Essencha. Among their wide selection of tea and Belgium doughball waffles, they have yes, the boba. For some reason, I keep forgetting this – that they can wipe me up a taro flavored goodness in minutes, just a few miles from home. Note to self.

And also for the record, I have gotten over my initial fear of tapioca, which my father always told me were fish eyes. But don’t let that stop you from trying the drink. Yum….

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