In the growing age of invasion of privacy, whether it is out there for others to see or not, and the feeling of entitlement to bits of one that shouldn’t be taken without asking or invitation, the digits, specifically mine, aren’t something I’m willing to just give out.

At the recent epiphany in the difference of  music library workings in the Europe, Jari – aka The Gateway to Information, he is Finnish after all – and I decided to compare notes on our daily toils.  These numbers, I’ll give out.

My Numbers for the 2007-2008 Season (equivalent to one year of work)…

Number of Programs:  85

Number of Performances:  140

Number of Musical Titles Prepared:  350*

Jari’s numbers were a bit different, but he has another important digit – today marks the first anniversary of his appointment with a very major orchestra.  And one librarian year in charge of running all this is really probably closer to 5 human years…


*Summer concerts aren’t yet set, so this seems pretty close.