I have a word of advice to all those mens putting together profiles for online dating sites.  While it’s good to show your interests so that you attract a person suited to you, please refrain from putting photos of your tricked-out car, motorcycle, or tractor – about 95% of the women are looking for relationships so if it’s not a responsible kid-friendly vehicle that can safely transport the babies she’s already imagined in her mind that you will have together – don’t bother.  And also, pictures of you playing in a band at some bar on open mic night have the same affect.  Yes, we can tell a lot from just one blurry photo your co-worker took with their phone when there were two for one Margaritas down at the local Karaoke bar that let you play back-ups after you gave ’em a 10 spot.  My advice is to keep that hidden until you’ve successfully wooed the object of your affection, and not as beacon to groupies.