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I might be the most particular person you will ever meet. I like things a certain way. And pretty much everything, has a certain way about it. There is a way I fold my socks, there is a way that I eat my very favorite d’anjou pears, there is a way that I fix my coffee, there is a way that I correct music, there is a way that I addictively research editions of music, and I think Billy Joel got it right – I do have ‘a way’ about me.

I embrace this dominant attribute in myself; I think it makes me eccentric, and if nothing else, good at my job. I don’t have any kind of creative process to arrive at some sort of dramatic outpouring of my emotion or soul. I realized this, as I sat watching from my nice little booth above the stage running the slides for a staged production of Igor Stravinsky’s Histoire du Soldat. This is not say I didn’t know I might not be the most flexible person in the world already, but I did realize that I will never operate that way. While the actors talked about ‘exploring the space’ and ‘building from feelings’ I sat by, with portable library, making sure my slides were numbered just so, my cues marked precisely with dark highlighter, my text changes corrected – and it was obvious that equally didn’t understand me. I think that we all agreed that we needed each other in order to create what I’m sure will be an amazing show.

Moral of the story – you should come see concert:nova & The Know Theatre in action this weekend. I’ll even show you my score if you do.

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