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I don’t own a lot of things, I don’t keep things I don’t need or use, I don’t like useless stuff.  I have a few bits  and things that do mean the world to me; a ring from my grandmother, some embarrassing photographs,  out of print books and music, and of course, the brown betty.

The brown betty doesn’t makes too many appearance.  The curvy and robust teapot, in perfect proportion, elegant spout and handle in an understated… brown… graces our shelf in the kitchen nook.  Of course I love the teapot because its’ pleasing aesthetics and two accompanying cozies – a colorful one of the tube and the other some hip retro Swedish design, gift from Caroline and Tove – but I love my brown betty on cold winter days, because it was given to me by Jennifer Porto, whom I haven’t seen in almost three years now, and miss everyday.

Before JP went off to sing in opera houses in Berlin and Leipzig, she lived for a time in London.  She too doesn’t have a lot of things, living a somewhat nomadic life, and definitely didn’t have room to carry around a teapot.  But she did; she carried that thing back to the states, to Cleveland, where I happily received it.  I remember that she didn’t actually say anything when she gave it to me, and like most women, we had an entire conversation without even speaking.  I know she’s charming her way through Germany, with her infectious laugh, and if you happen to be in Germany and catch her at the Oper Leipzig, please send her my very best regards, and you’ll be lucky if you do.

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