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Some days I long to be a kid again, when days were long and weeks felt like months and months felt like years. With our thousand and two things to do every day, I find myself being jealous of … babies and kids and well, even my cat Simon (aka thunderpaws). While being an adult human is a blessing, (you get to be aware of your existence, you can contemplate a before or after, you can find meaning further than the next meal or next nap, you can run for president or do big important things to make our world a better place, you are tall enough to wash your hands by yourself, you can say “I’m hungry” rather than “waa” or “rowr” … and the list goes on) occasionally I’d like to cast all responsibility aside : what taxes? what oil change? what return calls? and sit in a sun beam watching the dust motes drift aimlessly like my thoughts, or blissfully find amusement in a piece of yarn, or one’s own toes. There’s an Italian expression, il bel far niente, meaning the beauty of doing nothing, that is something so idealistic and precious in Italian culture that one’s life achievement is measured by how successfully one attains it. Seems kids and pets have that mastered, so I’m off to find company with Simon, maybe find a nice pair of socks to kick around, or curl up egg-style. Meanwhile, I’ll give you a couple guesses as to who this is (obviously this is not the coloring of my people, so no, it is not me):


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